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What's Thought Tickler?

Thought Tickler has a special function for developer and researcher to improve great efficiency of their work. To explain the function, let's use the work for developing some product as an example.

Ordinary product development is proceeded like following.
Try one method, then fail and back to beginning. After that, try another method and fail.
Repeating try and fail, the development progresses gradually.
The latest product after the many trying becomes a product which has much higher function and much more complicatedness.

Usually, developer writes the specifications, that's all there are to finish the development.
But, is it easy task to impart the knowledge of the product to another developers?
Or, five years later, could you remeber the specification of the product when you improve the product?

In the ordinary specifications, there are many descriptions what the product is. But, there is not a description why the product was built like that.

The product is the goal of many trying and failing, so it become very helpful for understanding the product to know the process of the development.
If the process of trying and failing remains in the specifications, don't you think that the imparting of the knowledge become much easier? Or you might remember easily five years later despite you would forget the specifications.

Thought Tickler has been created to make this idea come true.
The following is the steps of recording the process of trying and failing.
1. During the developing the product, record the process of development by using Thought Tickler.
2. If you fail the prototyping, write the reason why it was failed then terminate the recording process of this prototyping.
3. Rewind the process sequence toward a little past, and make a branch from the past. Record the process of development to the new branch.
By repeating step 1 to 3 above, you can make a specifications which includes the process of trying and failing.
This document is called 'hidocument' in Thought Tickler.
Ordinary document is taken as a snapshot of the progress of the development, but hidocument is a movie which record whole process of the development.
Actually, hidocument includes huge information but they might become uselessness if there is no way to extract the neceesary information.
For this purpose, Thought Retriever is provided in DD Thought Tickler Package.
Thought Retriever is the tool to review and search in the hidocument. By using Thought Retriever, you can extract any time of the past specifications quickly, search the hidocument with various method. For example, by keyword, modification of the object or the specified time.