Dynamic Draw/Thought Tickler Source Code

Dynamic Draw and Thought Tickler are released under the modified BSD License.
Their two source codes are integrated into one and uploaded in SOURCEFORGTE.NET.
You can download the source code by following the instructions given below.


How to download the source code.

  1. Start the Windows Explorer and click the 'File > TortoiseSVN > Repo-browser' menu item.

  2. The URL dialog will be displayed.
    Enter the following URL and click the OK button.

  3. The Repo-browser dialog will be displayed.
    On the latest source code (Version 5.3K2.3 in the following example), click the right mouse button and select the 'Export' item.

  4. The Export dialog will be displayed.
    Enter the directory path in which you wish to save the source code into the 'Export directory'.
    And click the OK button.
    In the following example, the source code is saved in the "C:\src\HistoryRecorder" directory.

  5. If the destination directory does not exist, the following dialog will be displayed. Then click the Yes button.

  6. The following dialog will be displayed and the progress of the download will be reported one by one.
    You will be kept waiting a while.