I need your help

Are you a native English speaker who is using my program ? If so, and you would like to help make these pages (and program) better for people reading English, please contact me.
If you would like to make your language's pack for the programs, please contact me.
I wish to add some functions to the programs. For example, a scripting language and SVG loading. If you would like to write the program with me, please contact me.
If you donate to my project, I will be very happy.

Message from the author

Thank you for using the History Recorder/Dynamic Draw.

History Recorder/Dynamic Draw is a powerful and useful software that has been developed by me personally.
It is opensource and freeware -- it is completely free even if for your commercial use.
Dynamic Draw is useful for general drawing purpose. For example, drawing a illustration, specification and so on.
History Recorder is a package, it includes History Recorder and History Manager.
History Recorder and History Manager is designed to help you to pass the technical knowledge on to another person. It depends on a new idea, 'Hidocument'.
I hope as possible a lot of people to use this tool and to feel convenience.
If you think this tool is useful, please teach your friends, colleagues or somebody around you, .or mention about this program on your homepage, or some website.


I know it is difficult to install freeware programs for most people, because of security reason.
Of couse, my programs don't include spyware, virus and any kind of evil things.
My programs, Molip Draw and Dynamic Draw has been widely used in Japan more than 8 years.
My programs are mentioned on many websites and listed in famous download sites. If you search "Dynamic Draw" in google, you will find many web site.

Why free

I really like programming.
I am happy when somebody tell me that my program is very useful.
I believe that History Recorder and the idea of hidocument will accelerate the development of scientific technique.
I hope as possible many people to use my program.
These are the reason why my program is freeware.

About me

My name is Masayuki Fukushiro.
I am living in Japan with my wife and three daughters.
I am a freelance programmer.
I like running. But I am not a fast runner. Every day, I run slowly around my apartment.
I like bicycle. I have a nice mountain bike. But I've never ride it in the mountain. I ride on the road only.
I love programming. I feel happiness when somebody use my software usefully.