Preparing to make installers

By following the procedure below, prepare to make an installer for the plug-in.

If the debug symbolized plug-in has been registered, unregister the plug-in registration by the following procedure.

  1. Start "[TOP FOLDER]\MolipSDK\LibDebug\DynamicDraw.exe".

  2. Show the property page [Plug-in] of the dialog [Environment setup].
    Uncheck [MyTest] and exit Dynamic Draw.

  3. Unregister the plug-in registration by the following procedure.

    If your account does not have administrator authority, you have to login with administrator authority.
    Start [Command Prompt].
    If you are using Windows Vista or later version, you have to proceed the following.
    Click the right mouse button on '[Windows Start Button] >[All Programs] >[Accessories] >[Command Prompt]' to show the shortcut menu.
    Click the menu item [Run as administrator].

  4. Change the current directory to the directory '[PgTest]\Debug' in which 'PgTest.dll' exists.
    And enter the following.
    regsvr32 -u PgTest.dll

  5. By the proceedings above, the following dialog will be displayed.
    It was succeeded to unregister the plug-in registration.

Install WiX that is a software toolset to builds Windows installer.
WiX is a free and open-source released by Microsoft.

  1. Open the WiX project page below.

  2. Click the link 'Download > Version 2.0' (red circled in the following image).

  3. Click the link 'Download Core Toolset 2.0' (red circled in the following image).

  4. Click the latest of version 2.0 binaries to download.
    In the following image, the version 2.0.5805.0 binaries is downloaded.

  5. The downloaded '' includes WiX binary files.
    Extract them into an appropriate directory.
    In the following image, extracted into the directory "[User's Documents folder]\WiX\bin".