DD Thought Tickler Tutorial (Printable Version)

Save and Open the Document

Save the Document and Exit the Thought Tickler.

The following disctibes to save a document.
  1. Click the menu [File] > [Save hidocument].
  2. The dialog [Save project as] will be displayed.
    Type "Travel Planning Steps" in the [Project name] and choose appropriate directory at the [Project directory].
    Click the button [OK].
  3. The directory [Travel Planning Steps.mdpj] will be created in the directory specified at the [Project directory].
    If you wish to move (copy) the document, move (copy) this directory and inclusion whole.
  4. Click the menu [File] > [Exit] and exit Thought Tickler.

Open the Document.

The following describes to open the document.
  1. Double-click the directory [Travel Planning Steps.mdpj] and open it.
  2. Double-click the file [0 Untitled0-1] to start the Thought Tickler.
    First [0] means the document id, second [Untitled0] means the document title, and last [1] means the document version.
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