DD Thought Tickler Tutorial (Printable Version)

Draw the figure - 1st: Put the Chip and Edit the Text

Let's start to draw up a plan of a travel.
  1. Click the Chip [SZ_L/ Title] in the Chip Store.
  2. The Chip [SZ_L/ Title] will be selected.
  3. Type the key 'S' and 'Z' if you set the [Right-handed]. If you set the [Left-handed], type 'L' and '/'.
    The command [Chip posting tool} will be activated.
  4. Move the mouse pointer on the Canvas.
  5. Left-click to put the Chip.
    Shapes posted on the Canvas called 'Object'.
  6. Type the key 'T' and 'W' ('Y' and 'O' if Left-handed) to activate the command [Text edit tool].
  7. Type 'Travel Planning Steps' in the object.
  8. Click the key 'ESC' to deactivate the command [Text edit tool].
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