DD Thought Tickler Tutorial (Printable Version)

Draw the figure - 4th: Modify the Arrows

  1. Select the decision node on the Canvas.
  2. Type 'T' and 'S' ('Y' and 'L' if Left-handed) and create a decision node under the activity node [Reserve accomodations...].
  3. Type 'T' and 'V' ('Y' and 'M' if Left-handed) and draw an arrowed edge from the decision node toward the activity node [Decide the itinerary...].
  4. Double-click the arrowed edge to activate the command [Figure edit tool]. See the following graphic.
  5. Hold down the left mouse button on the edge that connects an edge and a next joint.
  6. Move the mouse pointer down.
    By keeping the Shift-key pressed, you can move vertically.
  7. Release the left mouse button up at the appropriate place.
  8. Move the another arrowed edge up.
  9. Put some extra objects and complete the figure as illustrated in the following graphic.
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