DD Thought Tickler Tutorial (Printable Version)

Start Thought Retriever

Now you know that the Node [Decide the itinerary and the destination of the travel] can be splited into the Node [Decide the itinerary] and [Decide the destination].
To make a new Planning Steps, create a new document forking from the current document.
To create a fork of the document, you have to use Thought Retriever.
  1. In the History console in Thought Tickler, move the mouse pointer on the end of history line, then right-click.
  2. Click the command [Open selected hidocument by Thought Retriever] to start Thought Retriever.
  3. If it is the first time execution, the dialog [Register user] is displayed.
    Mark the checkbox [Do not use user id] checked and click the button [OK].
  4. The following graphic will be displayed but you don't have to mind.
  5. Thought Retriever window will be displayed.
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