DD Thought Tickler Tutorial

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Put a Time Label

You have been appended the Note [November 30. I had a talk with ...]. And now, let's assume that you wish to append another information.
In that case, you can append using the Time Label.
Usually Time Label is used to append information at the past position of History Line.
  1. Move the active position of the History at the time when the Note [November 30. I had a talk with ...] was created.

  2. Type 'T' and 'S' ('Y' and 'L' if Left-handed ) to activate the command [Time label tool].
  3. Move the mouse pointer under the Note and right-click.
  4. Click the command [Post time label].
  5. The dialog [Time label creation] will be displayed.
    Type 'My wife has considered to go to France or Egypt.] into the Comment and click the button [OK].
  6. The Time Label will be placed at the clicked position in the Canvas.
  7. You can move the Time Label by dragging it.

  8. Type 'T' and 'T' ('Y' and 'Y' if Left-handed) to activate the command [Selection tool].
  9. Click the button [Branch view mode] in the History console.
  10. The History console will be displayed in the [Branch view mode].
  11. Since Labels overlap each other, zoom the History console in.
  12. The Time Label created will be displayed.
  13. By staying the mouse pointer on the Time Label, the Hover hint will be displayed and you can see detalis of the Label.
  14. The Time Label exists just at the moment it created.
    To confirm that, let's move the active position of the history.
  15. You will find that the Time Label disappears as soon as the active position is moved.
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