DD Thought Tickler Tutorial (Printable Version)

Save as a PNG file

Let's save the Planning Steps as a PNG file.
PNG is useful format for opening to the public in the WEB.
  1. Activate the [Tree view mode] in the History console.
  2. Move the active position of the History at the end of the History Line.
  3. Click the Menu [Edit] > [Select] > [Select all].
  4. Every Object in the Canvas will be selected.
  5. Click the Menu [File] > [Export selected objects picture].
  6. The dialog [Export selected objects picture] will be displayed.
    Choose the [PNG file (*.png)] in the [Files of type], type appropriate name into the [File name] then click the button [Save].
  7. A PNG file will be created as illustrated in the following graphic.
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