First steps with Thought Tickler.
You can learn how to use Thought Tickler and Thought Retriever in 10 minutes.

From Start to Save

  1. Click the [Start] > [All Programs] > [DD Thought Tickler 5] > [Thought Tickler 5] to start Thought Tickler.

  2. If the [Import template] dialog is displayed, click the Cancel button to close it.

  3. Thought Tickler's window will be displayed.

  4. Activate the [Arc tool].

  5. Draw some circles.
    Refer to the tutorials for Dynamic Draw to draw a circle.

  6. Activate the [Arrowed polyline tool].

  7. Link circles with arrowed lines.

  8. Click the [File] > [Save document] menu item.

  9. The [Save project as] dialog will be displayed.
    Then click the OK button to save the drawings. The [Untitled.mdpj] folder will be created in the My Documents folder.

Search the document backward, and extract the past shot of the document.

Thought Retriever is the tool that provides functions to re-view and search the document created by Thought Tickler.

  1. Click the right mouse button on the document icon in the History console.
    Then click the [Open selected document by Thought Retriever.

  2. The document which has been created by Thought Thickler will be opened with Thought Retriever.

  3. Click the [Move to past by specified method] button, to trace back through history.

  4. As tracing back through history, the diagram in the canvas is rolled back toward the beginning.

  5. Click the [File] > [Export] menu item to display the [Export] dialog.

  6. Choose the [Dynamic Draw Portable Format 5.0] as the Files of type, and save the diagram to the file.

  7. The file can be opened , and be edited with Dynamic Draw.

Make a forked document at the past point of the document

  1. Activate the Thought Retriever and click the right mouse button in the History console.
    Then click the [Make document fork here].

  2. The [New document] dialog will be displayed. Then click the OK button.

  3. A new forked document will be created.

  4. Move the mouse pointer into the History console and stay on the created document's icon. Then click the right mouse button to show the shortcut menu.
    Click the [Open selected hidocument by Thought Tickler] menu item.

  5. The created document will be opened with Thought Tickler.

  6. You can modify the diagram.

Search the past of the document and find the time when the figure was modified

  1. Activate Thought Retriever.
    Click the bottom of the document icon in the History console, to move the current position to the latest session of the document.

  2. Select the arrow [1] in the following graphic.

  3. Show the [History search panel].

  4. Choose the [Find change of object] as the Searching target.
    Choose every searching option and every searching area, then click the Search button.

  5. The results will be shown in the [History search results panel].
    Click the [Jump to next] button to jump to the position which has been found by the last search.

  6. The current position will be moved.
    Confirm that the position is just after the session when the arrow [1] was created.