Edit each member of a chip object having script

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Editing of a chip that have script is controled by the script.
To avoid the control by the script and edit each member of the chip object.

  1. Click the menu [File] > [Import template] to show [Import template] dialog.
  2. Select "Templates" in [Recent Folder] combo box, then choose a template file "Symbols".
  3. Choose a chip "Memo" in [Chip store] and put it on the canvas.
  4. Double click the chip object on the canvas, then [Script tool] will be activated and some handles are displayed by the script.
    You cannot edit each member of the chip object by [Script tool]. Activate [Select tool].
  5. Click the menu [Tool-1] > [Group edit tool] to activate [Group edit tool].
  6. You will become to be able to edit each member of the chip object. Select the rectangle object.
  7. Change the color of the brush.
  8. Confirm the color of the rectangle has been changed.