A Case Study - Draw a Travel Planning Steps

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DD Thought Tickler is the Thinking Process Recorder.
By using DD Thought Tickler, you can record your thinking process.
You can review the thinking process later and it will help you to remind what thinking at the time. Or it will help somebody who read your thinking process to understand your ideas.
As an example, let's draw up a plan of a travel using Thought Tickler.
Start from [1. Start Thought Tickler and Settings.].
Click here to download the example document.

  1. Start Thought Tickler and Set First Settings
  2. Save and Open the Document
  3. Draw the figure - 1st: Put the Chip and Edit the Text
  4. Draw the figure - 2nd: Put the Nodes
  5. Draw the figure - 3rd: Connect two Nodes
  6. Draw the figure - 4th: Modify the Arrows
  7. Put Notes
  8. Start Thought Retriever
  9. Create a Fork of Document
  10. Modify the Forking Document
  11. Move Active Position of History using Thought Retriever
  12. Put a History Fork Tag
  13. Put a Time Label
  14. Save as a PNG file
  15. Review the thinking process using Thought Retriever

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